‘Born’ on the 4th of July 2012

July 4, 2012 was, and is, and always will be a special date! After months of praying for God’s guidance and wisdom, 31 people met in a two-door commercial unit at 10764 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77070. On that day, Grace Abounds Church was ‘born’ and the inauguration of this new local Body of Christ was celebrated with a koinonia dinner. This was a definite answer to several weeks of praying in different homes. The core group discerned that it was God leading them to the right place and the right timing to organize into a local church.

With excitement, the new church elected its first set of officers, adapted its Constitution and By-Laws, got incorporated and registered within the laws of the County, State and Federal government. The congregation unanimously called Rev. Dindo Caporal as their full-time pastor. At that time, Pastor Caporal was serving in the pastoral staff of the International Baptist Church of Houston overseeing its Missions/Outreach ministry. When Pastor Caporal notified the church of his intention to be the pastor of this new congregation, the Senior Pastor and the IBCH congregation sent him off with their blessings during a Morning Worship Service which was also attended by the leaders and some members of the newly organized church.

The church name – Grace Abounds Church – was prayerfully taken from Romans 5:20, “God’s grace abounds...” This expresses that the church family is Christ-centered, Bible-based multi-cultural, international and embraces all-people-groups.

The church has been growing and glowing and living up to its name:
Grace is WHY we are;
Abounds is WHAT we do;
Church is WHO we are.